Saturday, October 17, 2009

New look for the blog!

The look of old

Inspired by a page over at the Smitten Kitchen and after a friend told me that some of the pumpkin pics I'd taken with my cell phone looked like magazine quality, I decided to change the look of the blog to go with the season. Summer veggies are out and the fall look is in!


  1. It looks great, Sean! Your blog is really great. Inspiring. Happy cooking. Love, Hara

  2. Hi Sean, me again!
    I like the pumpkin pics. Very autumn-inspired.
    BTW, you might find this interesting.
    McIntosh Cookery Collection
    "If you think you know New England cookery, you might want to take a gander at the Beatrice McIntosh Cookery Collection website. Located at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the collection contains almost 7500 books, pamphlets, and ephemeral items related to this aspect of New England culture. Visitors to the site can search the entire collection, or browse through the "Subjects" area, which includes works divided into topics like "seafood", "historical", and "ethnic". Moving on, visitors can browse the cookbooks by place or decade, and here they will find items that include a guide to preparing cranberries from the American Cranberry Exchange and a wine list from the Lafayette House in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Also, visitors can download "cookbookmarks" to use for their own reading pleasure."
    From the Internet Scout Report 10/23/09
    Cheers! Hara


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